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About Us

Independent specialists in the diagnostic, coding and programming of BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce vehicles in London.

We use the latest genuine diagnostic equipment available to diagnose your BMW or MINI accurately and efficiently. Instead of just fitting parts that might fix your vehicle, have your vehicle diagnosed first and save your time and money.

We provide a main dealer service at a fraction of the price.


A full diagnostic report is emailed to you after the scan.


BMW Coding BMW Diagnostic

What we can do for you

• Full Dealer Level Diagnostics
• Fault code Reading & Resetting
• Service Light Reset
• Auto Identify your vehicle number, Chassis, ECU etc
• Coding of New Battery to your BMW
• Code / Program new and used modules
• Force DPF Regeneration

• ELV Reset

• Read / Clear / Reset Air Bag Light Codes
• Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes

• BMW Pedestrian Protection System Fix
• Apply Firmware & Software updates to your BMW
• Read & Reset Engine Management Lights (EML)
• Diagnostic on Individual Modules
• Vanos Testing
• ABS Wheel Speed Sensor checking
• Real Time Diagnosis and Display Data
• Live Data Checking
• Creation of Test Plans for Repairs / Upgrades / Updates
• EWS DMW Synchronisation
• Programming of Vehicle functions (inc retrofitting of items)
• Coding of vehicle functions
• Monitor Information
• Key Memory and Personalising features (lights, comfort features etc.)
• Key Matching and Remote control programming
• Reset Adaptations
• Individual Values
• Check Fuel Rail Pressures
• Activate ABS pump for bleeding
• Alignment • Activation • Module Version
• Reset SMG / SSG Functions
• Disable RCD Warnings
• Disable Tyre Control Inactive Messages
• Enable Paddle Shifters (for Retrofits)
• Re-Code for Sports Automatic Transmission
• Enable Tire Pressure & Temperature Readings In iDrive
• Close Mirrors/Windows/SunRoof/Convertible top from Remote
 + Many more

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Independent specialists in ELV/Electronic Steering Lock Repair on BMW and MINI vehicles

Electronic Steering Lock diagnostic / reset for BMW and MINI cars.

If your vehicle is displaying a YELLOW or RED Steering Lock and Pad Lock sign on the dash or refusing to start. The problem can be caused by one of the many different things:

Electrical Fault, Faulty CAS Module (Car Accessory System), Faulty Electronic Steering Lock Motor, Faulty Circuit Board or ELV Counter exceeded factory limits.


We will diagnose the problem so you know exactly which component is failing.

(It might not be necessary to rush out and buy a steering column for hundreds of pounds)

In many cases we can use our advance diagnostic equipment 

to Reset or Reprogram your CAS or ELV unit or Update Software to reactivate your steering lock.

bmw elv repair
mini elv repair
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Vehicle Diagnose

Preventative Maintenance

Get your vehicle diagnosed with specialist equipment before you see a warning light on your dash. A comprehensive scan will give you a detailed insight of your car and any forthcoming issues can be nipped in the bud.

This type of scan is recommended before regular service of your vehicle.

BMW MINI EML warning light

Warning Lights

Don't panic when you see a warning light. Get it checked by genuine diagnostic equipment.

iDrive Coding

Unlock the hidden potential in your BMW

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Enhanced Bluetooth

With Enhanced Bluetooth and USB activated in your BMW it’s possible to:

  • Stream music from your phone via Bluetooth or USB;

  • Read text messages and emails on the iDrive screen through the Mobile Office;

  • Access calendar, tasks, notes, reminders, etc.

  • Use Bluetooth Voice Control to make calls without taking your hands of the wheel.

The range of functions available after activating this option strongly depends on the type of your smartphone as well as the design of the BMW hardware and software in your car. For example, if you can’t access calendar or read text messages after our activation, it means that your smartphone is not compatible with the factory pre-set configurations of your BMW, and this doesn’t let this particular feature to work.

Video in Motion

Activate the Video in Motion feature and play movies for your passengers through DVD / USB. In addition, we can also unlock services like Office Messages, Online Entertainment, Bluetooth Pairing and the User Manual for use while driving if they are already available in your vehicle. Please note that Services in Motion does not add any new functions that you don't have in your car when parked.

Video in Motion

RDC Safety

Check PSI tyre pressure and temperature of individual tyres without an external device. Access this information with just few clicks through your iDrive screen and always keep tabs on your tyre pressure.

bmw tyre pressure temperature RDC safety

Legal disclaimer

Legal disclaimer deactivation

bmw legal disclaimer

Traffic Information

BMW offers TMC service (radio frequencies) and we can enable it in your car as long as BMW offers this service in your country.

bmw tmc traffic

iDrive coding includes but not limited to the following:

Enhanced Bluetooth, USB Video player, Video and Services in Motion, RDC Safety, Daylight Running Lights On/Off switch, Legal disclaimer deactivation, Full text message display, Automatic time zone change, Traffic information, Warning Chime, Sport display, Road route preview, Acoustical Lock Confirm, Volume level bar, Remote power folding mirrors, Remote trunk open, Head-up turn signals, Remote window controls, Sport+ option for automatic gearbox, ///M logo on startup, Digital Speedometer and many more ...

Enhanced Bluetooth

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 7pm

Sat: 9:30am - 7pm

Sun: 10am - 4pm

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Contact Us

Unit 131 Skeltons Lane, London E10 5BS
England United Kingdom


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